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Malaga city has developed over the last decade an overwhelming museum offer, which will be more powerful when the delegation Art Centre Georges Pompidou of Paris becomes a reality in 2015 and when it opens in the old customs building the future Museum of Fine Arts. However, the cultural reality of the Costa del Sol capital is already the envy of many cities worldwide, as evidenced by the list of its ten most important museums.


1. Museo Picasso Málaga


The beautiful and rehabilitated Buenavista Palace (XVI century) hosts one of the largest collections of great painter from Malaga and the most visited in Andalucia with over 350,000 visitors a year. It consists of 285 works that review the different styles, steps, techniques and materials used by the painter during his successful career. It also organizes various exhibitions and educational visits. Definitely one of the must.

C / San Agustín 8. From Tuesday to Sunday from 10 to 20. Price: 6 euros

Anti Crisis Council: every Sunday from 18 entrance to Picasso Museum is free.

 12 (+1) museos que ver en Málaga


2. Museo casa natal Picasso

The first museum dedicated to the artist from Malaga opened in 1988 and is located in the Plaza de la Merced, one of the most popular places where Pablo Picasso was born. This museum study and promote the life and work by Picasso. You can see paintings, prints, sculptures and photographs of Picasso and his family.

Plaza de la merced 15. Monday to Sunday from 9:30 to 20. Audioguide Price: 2 euros. Free on Sundays.

picasso 375x500 12 (+1) museos que ver en Málaga


3. Museo Thyssen Málaga

Located in the restored Palacio de Villalon (XVI century), this museum is devoted to Spanish painting of the nineteenth century and early twentieth century and an important collection on the manners and romance. Pictures of important artists as Zurbarán, Sorolla, Zuloaga and Julio Romero de Torres make this collection unique in our country. Ideal to see the society of the nineteenth century.

C / Compañía 10. Tuesday to Sunday from 10 to 20h. Admission: 6 euros. Audioguides: 3 euros.

4. Museo del vidrio y del cristal

Located in a house of the eighteenth century this curious museum traces the history through the glass by more than 3 million pieces of glass in very different eras: ancient Egyptian, Phoenician, Greek, Roman, Islamic, or more recent centuries.

Plaza santísimo cristo de la sangre, 2. From Tuesday to Sunday from 11 to 19. Price 4 euros.

La buenaventura Romero de Torres museo thissen malaga 700x455 12 (+1) museos que ver en Málaga

5. Museo de arte flamenco

All flamenco concentrated in a modest museum with more than 5000 objects between which there is a unique collection of over 2500 albums but also features guitars, posters and Manila shawls. A different option where for just one euro donation may know a little more the art of flamenco.

C / picador 1. From Tuesday to Sunday from 10 to 14. Donation 1 euro.


6. Museo Automovilistico de Málaga


It is certainly one of the most amazing museums. 6000 square meters of exhibition in one of the most emblematic of the city of Málaga buildings: the old Tobacco Factory. This museum has an impressive collection of nearly 100 cars from all era. There are a lot of beautiful models presented here: 20s, art deco, dream cars or alternative energy are some of the thematic areas.

Avenida Sor Teresa Prat, 15 (far away from center). From Tuesday to Sunday from 10 to 19:00. Price: 6.50 / 4.50 reduced price


tbmagp 046 12 (+1) museos que ver en Málaga


7. Centro de interpretación Castillo Gibralafaro.

Located in the old Gibralfaro Castle, the fourteenth-century Moorish fortress, an exhibition of life in the castle since the fifteenth century, when it passed into Christian hands, until today. There are models, armor, uniforms, weapons and stamps to original navigation instruments. By the way you can admire one of the most beautiful views of the city.

Gibralfaro Road 11. 9 to 20. Price: 2.25 and 3.55 (set Gibralfaro Citadel and Castle).

8. Museo casa de muñecas.

If someone comes with children can come and see the first museum dollhouse miniature Spain. Miniature replicas of nineteenth century houses of different styles with all kinds of details. An interesting private collection that will delight young and old.

Calle Álamos 32. Tuesday to Sunday from 11 to 13. Price 5 EUR If you come to Malaga with kids these museums are ideal to go with them: dolls, automotive, Aula del Mar, interactive music museum or Principia Science.

9. Museo del vino

Wine lovers also have a museum in the city. They promote de wine culture. It is located in the Palace of Biedmas, a renovated XVIII century building in the historic city center. In Malaga there are good wines with denomination of origin and here you can learn more varieties we have an interpretation center, lithographs, tasting room and shop.

Plaza de los viñeros 1. Monday to Saturday. Price: 5 euros with wine. Appointment is necessary. 952 22 84 93

 12 (+1) museos que ver en Málaga

10. Museo Alborania Aula del mar

In the new Palmeral, the new harbor area of Málaga, we can find a museum that not only deals with show visitors the highlights of the flora and fauna but also work masterfully the educational aspect, offering visits to individuals and schools in the province of Malaga to promote responsible tourism in Malaga coast. Among its activities there are boat rides on the bay, educational workshops and guided tours protected natural areas. It also has an important center of marine species recovery since occasionally some animals appeared confused or injured along our coasts.

Palmeral de las sorpresas. Muelle 2 Port of Malaga. 952 22 92 87

alborania 3 700x393 12 (+1) museos que ver en Málaga

11. Museo de artes  y costumbres populares

Interesting museum filled with objects and tools to do a review of the rural and urban life in the province of Malaga. It has 19 rooms that show from a retro kitchen to farm implements, pottery, a rudimentary printing, vintage bedroom or a mill. Definitely the best way to know and not forget our origin.

C / Pasillo de Santa Isabel 10. Monday to Saturday. Admission: € 2

museo artes populares  700x465 12 (+1) museos que ver en Málaga


12. CAC, Centro de Arte Contemporáneo.

The Contemporary Art Center in Malaga Spain is among the best museums of its kind and is a leader in the dissemination of contemporary art. Exhibitions of the best artists and a wide range of free activities (cinema, music and various events) for the citizen, result in a museum “open to the city of Malaga.”

C / Alemania s/n. From Tuesday to Sunday. Free.

12+1:  Coming soon

After several years of construction delays and unexpected delays, the Customs Hall, future home of the Museum of Malaga, is still being remodeled so the opening of this museum has been delayed until it is ready. It is assumed that the collection will be showed is more than important, reviewing the history of the province of Málaga and including the Museum of Fine Arts with over 700 works of nineteenth-century painting and Archaeological, with over 15000 pieces all ages. All of them are still packed and stored and unable to be enjoyed by the people.

Address: Palacio de la Aduana, Malaga center

 12 (+1) museos que ver en Málaga